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This is not the way to Procure a New Ride

For the second time in my cycling career, a career that spans about 45 years (granted with a lot of fallow years built in there), I was mowed down by a rampaging motor vehicle. The first time was nearly 30 … Continue reading

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Ferry Trip to Ketchikan

We arrived in Ketchikan today at 12:08 after a 39 hour ferry trip through the inside passage. Scenery was, again, indescribable and pictures don’t do it justice. Actually, I find running around taking pictures subtracts from the experience of just … Continue reading

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Why Not Bike in Winter?

I love to commute by bike.  In Alaska the only sure-bet season for easy commuting is late spring to early fall.  That is, after winter breakup, when ice and snow are mostly gone and before the first real snow begins … Continue reading

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Biking and Birding the Cambell Creek Area

Karen and I woke up early this morning with a less than gelled idea that we would get out and do some hiking or biking.  We settled on a plan to head for the Girdwood trail which runs from Indian … Continue reading

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Biking the Coastal Trail

Last weekend, a beautiful weekend I might add, Karen and I decided to break out the bicycles and try the coastal trail.  We had never ridden the length of it before and figured today was the day.  I had also bought some … Continue reading

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