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This is not the way to Procure a New Ride

For the second time in my cycling career, a career that spans about 45 years (granted with a lot of fallow years built in there), I was mowed down by a rampaging motor vehicle. The first time was nearly 30 … Continue reading

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Let the Winter Biking Begin

Last January I mused about commuting by bike to work in the winter months. Well actually, commuting year around, but it was of course, winter at the time. Jumpstarting riding to work in the midst of the coldest part of … Continue reading

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Mosquito Cove

Saturday was the next to last day in Sitka and Sunday will mostly be about getting ready to exfiltrate, so we tried to make the most of it. Not a bad weather day. No rain, cloudy skies with clearing in … Continue reading

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Sitka for a Few More Days

We have enjoyed Sitka now for 5 days. The plan was to be here for 3 then head to Juneau for 2, but we liked it so much and the campsite was so good we decided to linger for an … Continue reading

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I have decided that libraries in cities of the Alaskan southeast have the finest views of any libraries in the world, hands down. Here is the view looking out the window I am sitting next to in the Sitka public … Continue reading

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